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Community development (GET-Care)

Attentive and concern on the life challenges of the community, the GET-Care initiative was introduced to help those in need in order to improve their well-being and their socio-economical status. Programs under this pillar support the community in various aspects of life such as economy, health, disaster relief and more towards a better quality of life

Cancer fighter recreation camp photo

Cancer Fighter Recreation Camp at Port Dickson

In conjunction with Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Great Eastern Takaful was pleased to collaborate with a non-governmental organisation (NGO), Kumpulan Ibu Bapa Dan Sokongan Anak-Anak Kanser (KIDS) to motivate 50 childhood-cancer fighters at Port Dickson on 16-17 September 2023.

Various activities were conducted such as group & sports activities, motivational program and tazkirah session to enhance self-motivation of the participants.

This program was hoped to boost their morale and strive towards reaching for great in their journey of recovery.

Great Aidiladha program photo

The GREAT Aidiladha program

Great Eastern Takaful (GETB) participated in Kembara Korban in June, which is a large-scale qurban activity organised by the Yayasan Budi Islam Malaysia (YBIM). GETB contributed two cows worth almost RM12,000 

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Children with childhood cancer iftar

Children with childhood cancer Iftar

Towards the final week of Ramadan, Great Eastern Takaful invited 50 children with childhood cancer under the Kumpulan Ibu Bapa dan Sokongan Anak-anak kanser (KIDS) for an iftar at the Koptown EDC Hotel, Kuala Lumpur in April 2023.

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In kind contributions photo


In-kind contributions for the unfortunate

Further to the GREAT Ramadan & GREAT Aidiladha initiative, employees of Great Eastern Malaysia shared their blessings with the residents of Pertubuhan Islam Peribadi Mulia and Pertubuhan Kebajikan Ulul Azmi in the form of in-kind 

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Great Ramadan program photo

GREAT ramadan program with 120 underprivileged community

Great Eastern Takaful (GETB) embraces this holy month of Ramadan through the GREAT Ramadan Programme by sharing the blessings with the less fortunate. This programme focuses on donations and sponsorships for the benefit of the orphans 

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GETFunJourney at Port Dickson photo

GETFunJourney at Port Dickson

Great Eastern Takaful (GETB) once again had an opportunity to collaborate with the Kumpulan Ibu Bapa dan Sokongan Anak-anak Kanser (KIDS) through the GETFunJourney program at Port Dickson in December 2022.

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MyETS journey program photo

MyETS Journey program

In conjunction with Childhood Cancer Awareness Month 2022, Great Eastern Takaful collaborated with a non-governmental organisation, Kumpulan Ibu Bapa Dan Sokongan Anak-Anak Kanser (KIDS) 

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Ramadan food for cancer patients

Ramadan food for the cancer patients

Great Eastern Takaful (GETB) visited Ronald McDonald House (RMH) at Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (HUKM) recently as part of its collaboration with Khadijah International Waqf (L) Foundation’s 

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Celebrates Aidiladha at Kem Wardieburn photo

Celebrates Aidiladha at Kem Wardieburn

To celebrate Hari Raya Aidiladha in a meaningful way, Great Eastern Takaful teamed up with Kem Wardieburn by contributing two cows for “qurban” and 10 of our staff join hand for this program

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Tilling the land photo

Tilling the land for shared progress

Great Eastern Takaful marked the close of our CSR in 2019, where 40 volunteers from our company, joined by students of University Malaya, helped 20 Orang Asli families plant 2,288 chilli seedlings in their home compounds 

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Heart of giving photo

Heart of giving

On June 20, a group of representatives from Great Eastern Takaful made a community service visit to our "family" in the Orang Asli Village of Sg Gabong. The purpose of our visit

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Energy and clean water to orang asli photo

Energy and clean water to Orang Asli 

The company recently embarked on an initiative that provided an Orang Asli community in Pahang with energy and clean water. In collaboration with Saora Industries 

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