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Malaysia (Takaful)

You may have missed the fact that the biggest asset that you own is yourself. It is with your energy, willpower and ability that you generate income to sustain yourself and your loved ones. Your ability to work is also facing risks, like accidents that lead to permanent disabilities, or chronic diseases that can affect your life. Hence, it is vital to protect yourself with a life Takaful, as you are one crucial asset that makes it possible for you to earn your living to support yourself and your family.


Takaful Plan to Protect Yourself

Our life Takaful protects you based on Shariah principles. A person who enters into a contract (aqad) to channel a certain amount of money partially into a Takaful fund, making them a participant in the Takaful plan to help each other if one of the other participants suffer a loss. The concept of Takaful is based on helping each other when any participant needs it. Therefore, you will be investing a worth of money that can potentially protect you while you help others. With us, we offer you a range of life Takaful plans that may benefit your protection needs.

Get A Comprehensive Takaful Plan with Great Eastern Takaful
We offer you a range of Takaful coverage with different benefits to suit how you would like to protect you and your loved ones. Check out the details of each plan here now.

Family Takaful
We have an excellent Family Takaful coverage that can protect you and your family with specific needs. Many of our family's Takaful coverage can accommodate 56 major critical illnesses from adults to children. Contribution can also start from RM50 a month, and some plans have flexible coverage terms and offer you rewards upon maturity.

Health Protection
Our Takaful protection plan makes sure that you have access to proper healthcare solutions, which is very important. We have plans that can suit your needs, age, group, and financial situation and we provide one of the. Some of our Takaful Malaysia medical card plans have unlimited overall lifetime units, no limits to the number of hospitalisation days, and allow multiple claims payout in the event of critical illness. Apply to our Takaful Malaysia medical card to protect your beloved one and provide comprehensive healthcare support to them.

Future Goals
With our Takaful protection plan, we can help you achieve your dreams. Make your goals a reality with our range flexible plans and solutions now. Our plan can help you grow your savings while getting the necessary protection for your life plans.

Online Takaful Plan
Take a hassle-free plan to get protected with us. Save all the efforts of signing up for a comprehensive protection plan online with just a few clicks away. Enjoy the benefits of having simplified underwriting, medical coverage up to 80 years of age, and have critical illnesses covered simply with your internet access.

Group Takaful Solutions
If you are an employer or a business owner, we have solutions that can protect your important assets, which are your employees. With our group protection plan, we can provide solutions with benefits to protect your businesses and employees in the event of risks like critical illnesses and accidents. 

We are here to help

We offer solutions to help you get protected. Act now and assure protection to you and your loved ones now. We are determined to be a trusted brand by providing the best service for you. To learn more about our products, visit our website.

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