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A reputable name in Malaysia's Takaful solutions

Great Eastern Takaful, a takaful company in Malaysia, goes further to take care of you and your loved ones with a range of our product solutions from Takaful trust, medical coverage, investment plan, hibah, and plenty more. All are designed to meet your specific needs whatever they may be.

Our vision and mission

We believe in letting our mission and vision guide the way. That’s why we’re dedicated to securing the future of our certificate holders. Your financial security and overall wellbeing are what drives us.

Winning ways

Recognised as one of the top Islamic finance companies in the industry, here are the milestones and accolades that we have achieved so far.

The people behind our success

Strong, visionary leaders stand behind Great Eastern Takaful. Here are the people that we are proud to have at our helm.

Sustainability Initiatives

We are committed to contribute on overall wellbeing of the nation by leading conversation and promoting sustainable socio-economical development. 

Our companies and expertise

The companies that make Great Eastern Takaful a renowned name to trust.

Corporate Governance

Primary force who manages and oversees the operations of Great Eastern Takaful. 

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