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Malaysia (Takaful)

With Covid-19 looming over everyone, our movement has become more restricted than ever. Many people are worried and affected by the current scenario. Although it is high time for everyone to get protected, the restriction of our movement contributes to dampen the process and limit the access for the client to meet with our takaful advisors. This could slow down the application process, hence make it hard for them to get the protection that they need.


Understanding how the application process for getting a comprehensive protection plan can sometimes be time-consuming and tedious, not forgetting the fact that some of the clients don’t have direct access to an agent in their areas, Great Eastern Takaful takes the initiative to provide you with Takaful plans via online. This way, everyone will have an access to get the best protection plans Great Eastern Takaful could offer.


There are three takaful online protection plans that you can choose from, i-Great Murni 2.0, i-Great Medi Care and i-Great Critical. Each of the plans is designed and personalized to cater to your specific needs based on what is important to you. Each also has its own benefit. So you don’t have to worry about not finding the one plan that you need. Great Eastern Takaful will make sure to get you covered.

With access to the internet, getting protected has never been so easy. Everything can be reached and processed easily without us literally having to go anywhere. Wherever you are, we are committed to our mission to protect you. So let’s not wait anymore and protect yourself today with one of our takaful plans. All you have to do is click on one of the takaful online plans above and follow the four steps.


Step 1: Get a quote

●     Fill in the personal details of the person to be covered.

●     Pick the coverage amount and payment frequency.

●     Receive the Product Disclosure Sheet and confirm that you understand the term and conditions.


Step 2: Apply for a plan

●     Fill in your personal details

●     Fill in your occupation details

●     Answer a Questionnaire

●     Upload the supporting documents

●     Review the application

●     Nominate the beneficiary


Step 3: Declaration

●     Fill in the declaration form


Step 4: Make the payment.



Should you need more information about the takaful online plans that Great Eastern Takaful provides, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by email or call us for more info.

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