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Choose our wealth protection plans to secure your future investments. Our plans not only protect your wealth but also help to grow it. 


As an investor, you should ensure that the insurance company is providing you with adequate coverage when you build a retirement portfolio. While you are ready to grow your wealth with time, you also need to manage investment risks effectively. 


A successful investor maintains certain financial discipline. It can be a potential saving with a higher return for the future. It is ideal not to be too conservative with your saving plans if you have the opportunity to hold cash in hand. On the other hand, you would probably not want to be too adventurous and invest your entire savings at once. It would leave you without any liquidity in the event of an emergency.


Every investor wants higher returns. You might want to invest more of your savings but are unsure about investing or lacking enough confidence to deploy a large sum of money. It is relevant if you have just started your investment journey. You need to find the right balance between investing and parking funds in your savings account due to the low returns. Most financial experts suggest having cash savings equal to six months of your expenses at a minimum. The surplus should be used for investing.


In addition you should also consider other risks which can impact your life. An accident, medical condition, death, or any unexpected misfortune can derail definite investment plans. To protect you against any unforeseen events, our wealth protection plans also provide death benefit payout and critical illness benefit to ensure you and your family are adequately covered. 

i-Great Duo

We are right here to guide you before you invest and suggest the best investment plans to secure your future generation. With wealth protection we ensure to protect your family against any unexpected hazards.

  • 2% enhanced allocation for more lucrative investment 
  • No medical underwriting
  • Our allocation rate ranges from 95%

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Clients’ choice matters the most for us! We understand the value of an investment and offer you diverse and personalized plans that keep your family safe.  

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