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Tilling the land for shared progress

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Urban folks are likely winding down for the year, but the communities at Kg Orang Asli Sg Gabong will be keeping busy tending to their chilli plants over the next few months.

This entrepreneurship activity marked the close of our CSR activity in this village for 2019, where 40 volunteers from our company, joined by undergraduates from University Malaya, helped 20 Orang Asli families plant 2,288 chilli seedlings in their home compounds on October 26.

The project is part of our vision for shared progress for all as we seek to uplift lives of those with whom we share Mother Earth.

The volunteers spent the morning tilling the land and planting the seedlings together with the families, some were old hands at it, some were new to getting their hands in dirt, but overall, it was an enriching and fulfilling experience for everyone. There were also children volunteers who did not mind the heat and the worms as they used their spades tirelessly to dig through the right depth to plant the seedlings.

When the plants mature, we will assist these families by taking their produce to market, and follow through with a financial awareness talk to inculcate in these new entrepreneurs the need to reinvest their profits for even better profits in the future. Mengkuang plants have also been provided to the villagers, to plant at a more suitable time in the near future.

We also delivered grocery items and pre-loved clothes to the Orang Asli community following a collection drive among our workforce.

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