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Future Goals

What is the importance of saving money? In simple terms, saving for old age is a requirement that every individual should fulfil by having a retirement savings plan for the future. Such a plan is significant as it provides a safeguard against any unexpected events that may occur in the future. It creates a safety net that can be relied upon in times of emergencies. Moreover, saving money also enables the realisation of dreams and long-term objectives. By consistently setting aside funds, you can plan for major milestones like purchasing your dream home, pursuing further education, going on exciting vacations abroad, or retiring comfortably. The benefits of saving, even in small amounts, are substantial. It allows you to gradually build a financial reserve that offers security and the ability to transform your aspirations into reality, whatever they may be.


You are also not an exception. There must be something that you want to do or to achieve in your life. Whatever your future goals may be, we at Great Eastern Takaful have a plan for them. Turn your dreams into reality with our range of flexible plans to achieve your life goals. Whatever it may be.

How Takaful Protection Plan for Future Savings & Retirement Works?

Takaful savings and retirement plan works by pooling money from participants who want to save for their future use which also known as fund. This fund is managed by a Takaful Operating Company and invested in Shariah compliant places. If a person faces a calamity or an unwanted event while being covered by the plan, the participant will receive takaful benefits in the form of money which also acts as an income protection plan to help the participant to continue living their lives. Overall, takaful protection plan for future savings and retirement offer a way to manage risk for the future based on Islamic guidelines.


Benefits of Income Protection Plan

  • Managing your debts: If something unexpected happens and you can't work, an income protection plan gives you financial assistance to help you pay off your existing debt.
  • Focusing on your recovery: If you get sick or injured and need time off work, a takaful income protection plan provides financial support so that can focus on recovery without worrying about the costs.
  • Maintaining your quality of life: Takaful income protection ensures that you can keep up with your daily expenses, support your family, and continue living the way you're used to, even if you can't work for a while.
  • Providing financial protection for your family: If something happens to you and you can't earn money anymore, income protection gives your loved one’s financial support to cover their needs and maintain their lifestyle.
  • Maturing benefits: Some income protection plans offer additional benefits, like a lump sum payment or periodic payments after a certain time. This can help you achieve long-term financial goals or plan for retirement.


Ultimately, the main benefit of income protection is that it gives you peace of mind and allows you to pursue your goals without constantly worrying about money. It's like having a safety net just like family takaful protection that ensures you and your family are taken care of if something unexpected happens to your income. Whatever your future goals may be, we at Great Eastern Takaful have a plan for them. Turn your dreams into reality with our range of flexible plans to achieve your life goals. Whatever it may be.

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