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Celebrates Aidiladha at Kem Wardieburn

Celebrates Aidiladha at Kem Wardieburn banner

To celebrate Hari Raya Aidiladha in a meaningful way, we teamed up with Kem Wardieburn by contributing two cows for “qurban”.

As early as 7.30am on August 3, about 10 of our staff members were already gathered at the military base, and was pleasantly surprised to see a total of 13 cows prepared for “qurban”. This was because other corporates had also contributed to the event through a similar sponsorship programme.

Brigadier General Datuk Marzuki Mokhtar officiated the event by presenting the carving knife to a representative military officer, and within the hour, the highly skilled military platoon members had performed the “qurban” on all 13 cows.

The meat was then quickly distributed to community members in need living nearby. Our CEO En Shahrul Azlan Shahriman then proceeded to have breakfast with the military personnel, where he shared, "Alhamdulillah GETB manage to contribute qurban this year with intention to distribute to the community in Kem Wardieburn on this blessed day. Activities such as this is in line with our corporate values, which is to share with our community”.

GETB staff was also feted to a nice lunch made of beef curry, “sup tulang” and “sambal belacan”, accompanied with “ulam” and white rice.

Federal Territories deputy minister Yang Bhg Edmund Santhara joined the lunch event. The event truly resonated with our purpose as a takaful provider: To help people help each other in times of need. Because We Can.

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