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Health Protection

Your health and wellbeing are the most precious and valuable things you have in life. With good health, you’ll be able to actualise everything you wish to achieve in life such as work-life balance, forming a relationship, nurturing future generations and also being a functioning member of society. However, illnesses and ailments are beyond our control and such tragedy could really affect your life. Therefore, it’s important to have some sort of health protection for yourself.

What is Health Protection Takaful?

Getting adequate healthcare protection is important for you to maintain a balanced life. A takaful plan affords you healthcare protection that is in compliance with Shariah principles. When a person enters into a contract (aqad) to channel a certain amount of money partially into a takaful fund, they become a participant in the takaful plan to help one another should any of them suffer a loss. The concept of takaful is based on helping the participants when any of them needs it. Thus, you will be investing money that can potentially protect you while helping others too. With Great Eastern Takaful, we offer you a range of takaful plans that may benefit your healthcare  needs. Each of these plans provides healthcare protection and comes with a family medical card that would help smoothen the procedure when dealing with the hospitals and the medical centers. 


Get The Health Protection You Need From Great Eastern Takaful

Your health is essential to you and your family. Living in the current times has increased the likelihood for us to be affected by a critical illness. Our healthcare plans can assist the recuperation process by getting you the treatment that you need. With the right takaful plan, you’ll always be prepared for anything that might happen, making you more secure, both financially and health-wise. A medical card is included with any medical coverage protection you choose from us. So, if you are looking for a personal or family medical card in Malaysia. You can choose any takaful solution from our catalogue that ensures you proper healthcare no matter the budget, age group, and health needs. Here are some of Great Eastern Takaful’s health care plans:


i-Great MediHarapan

In the event of an emergency or hospitalisation, there are a few costs that the patient or family members have to bear. The i-Great MediHarapan not only provides you with the medical card, it also helps safeguard yourself against the unexpected and helps ease the financial burden of your loved ones because i-Great MediHarapan is a medical protection plan with you and your family in mind.


i-MediRider & i-Medi ExPlus Rider

With i-Medi Rider and i-Medi ExPlus Rider, you no longer need to worry about managing health protection for you and your family, because these are rewarding medical riders that protect and understand your future healthcare needs which complement your basic Takaful plan.


i-Lifetime Critical Illness Benefit Term Rider & i-Early Lifetime Critical Illness Benefit Term Rider

With i-Lifetime Critical Illness Benefit Term Rider and i-Early Lifetime Critical Illness Benefit Term Rider, you will have access to the funds you need to seek early treatment for better chance of recovery and to cope with unexpected changes in your lifestyle because it's a plan that protects your critical needs for a lifetime that complement your basic Takaful plan.


Great Eastern Takaful Offers You and Your Family The Best Health Protection Available

Learn more about our various flexible takaful plans by talking to our takaful advisor at a branch near you. Alternatively, you could learn more about our health protection plans.

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