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Business security, employee protection add credibility to your brand. With Takaful business corporate solutions, you can protect your business and employees. Take the potential benefits of our corporate solution and pay more attention to your business. 

The biggest asset you possess is your energy, willpower, and the ability to generate a better future for your employees and clients. Your ability to face the challenges of life can affect your business. Therefore, it is crucial to protect your business with Group Takaful Solutions, as it is an essential aspect of your business. Our Takaful plan protects you from any unexpected hazards and prepares you for your future days.


If you are planning to start a new business, you must have come across the fact that the industry poses many challenges. Apart from monetary support for your family, you need to safeguard the lives of the employees working with you.  Be prepared for all eventualities, as any unexpected situation may occur, leaving you in a most helpless condition. Let it not affect your financial stability. 


We have introduced an excellent Takaful plan for corporate requirements to protect you and your business with specific needs. It has vast coverage, encompassing primary liability and asset protection. Some of these plans have flexible coverage terms and offer rewards upon maturity. 


The concept of Takaful is to help one another if the participants need it. Therefore, your invested money will support you against any financial and medical crisis. We offer you a range of Takaful plans carefully created to meet your needs.


Our flexible Takaful business protection plan provides your business with 24 hours coverage against any misfortune. Unfortunately, events like machinery breakdown, fire, or burglary can change your business processing altogether. On the other hand, or Takaful protection plan makes sure that you have access to complete liability and asset protection solutions, which is an integral factor of hassle-free corporate life. We have introduced plans to take suits your needs, age, group, and financial situation. Some of the plans unlimited overall lifetime unit, no restriction to the number of liability damages, and allows various claims pay-out for damages. From worker compensation to employee protection, we cover all possible needs you might be facing in your business field. 


With Group Term Takaful Basic, we ensure to provide lump-sum payment for any unforeseen things. Moreover, we secure your business and corporate functioning with an underwriting surplus and investment profit. Our GET-SME plan covers up to RM 500,000 with no underwriting for 11-200 employees. We provide comprehensive medical coverage to your employees and families as well. 

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We give you access to diverse and personalised plans that help you protect your family and safeguard all that matters most to you.

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