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Group Takaful Solution with adequate coverage for organisation and business employees

Group Takaful Solutions

Group Term Takaful (Basic) | Group Takaful Solution with Adequate Coverage for the Employees Benefits

A perfect solution for organisation and business employees

If you just started your business or have a start-up company with little budget to spend on employee protection, or you only have a handful of employees to run your budding business, but you want to make sure all of them get the protection that they deserve. A takaful term plan called Group Term Takaful (basic) might be the answer to your search.


The Group Term Takaful (basic) plan that we offer is designed to meet all the requirements of enterprises and provide adequate coverage for their employees. This yearly renewable Group Takaful term plan provides a lump sum payout in the event of  death, Total and Permanent Disability (TPD), or terminal illness due to accidental and natural causes. Moreover, your business, as well as your corporate functioning, will also be secured with an underwriting surplus and investment profit.


As a business owner, it is also a known fact that the industry poses many challenges. Therefore, it is crucial to protect the business. Life is unpredictable,  any unexpected situation may occur, and may leave you in the most helpless condition. So be fully prepared and whatever may come will not affect your financial stability to the point of risking losing your business.


Apart from monetary support for your business, you also need to safeguard the lives of the employees that work for you. Knowing that their well-being is protected, will motivate the employees to work even harder because they know that their service is appreciated and their welfare is taken care of. It also rid them of their worries about losing an income should anything bad befall them and make them even more brave and proactive to contribute to their workplace.


Our takaful solution aims to protect the business and the employees from any unexpected hazards. So let us help you protect what really matters by applying for Group Term Takaful (basic). Happy and secured employees will ensure that the business will flourish.


A good takaful term plan doesn’t necessarily have to break you back and burden your business financially. As long as it provides adequate coverage to protect your employee, it is more than enough.

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Key benefits


Death or Total and Permanent Disability

Death is unpredictable. That’s why we support your family against financial difficulty in your absence and disability. We provide matured amount and along with surplus investment profits to the nominee holder.


Terminal illness

Receive up to a maximum lump sum of RM100,000 upon diagnosis of Terminal Illness1 .


Rewards you with underwriting surplus and investment profit

You will receive an underwriting surplus and investment profit (if any). It will be calculated as per your coverage and will be provided annually.

Enhance your coverage


Customise your Group Term Takaful (Basic) plan with these extra protections. If you are looking to add coverage  for personal accident or critical illness, take a look at the following riders :

Notes and disclaimers

Please do take note of the below to ensure you fully understand what this product does and does not cover. If in doubt, email us at  i-greatcare@greateasterntakaful.com.

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