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Privacy Policy


AT GREAT EASTERN TAKAFUL, we respect every individual’s right to privacy. Our relationship with you is our most valuable asset and is the very basis of our name and reputation. Whether you are our certificate owner, GREAT EASTERN TAKAFUL agent, registered user or a visitor to the secured area of our Website, we understand the importance you place on the privacy and security of information that personally identifies you or your information. We refer to and treat this information as “personal information”. We extend the following privacy policy to you.


When you sign up for a new certificate or register for our services, we ask you for your personal particulars via various modes of communication (e.g. electronic form transmission, hardcopy form filling, etc.) such as your contact details, amongst other information. Whenever we collect this personal information from you, we will make reference to this policy. We limit the collection and use of personal information to what is necessary to administer our business, to offer the best possible range of financial plans, products and/or to deliver superior service to you


We are committed to protect the security of your personal information. For this purpose and to the best of our ability, we have put in place the required control system to ensure security and confidentiality of our customers’, agents’ or business partners’ information at all times. These security standards and procedures shall be maintained notwithstanding any ending or termination of this business relationship. For further information on our security measures, please see our statement on Security Policy and Features below.

We also maintain stringent procedures authorizing only such employees as are strictly relevant or required to access your information on a need-to-know basis. Our employees have been educated and have personally undertaken to observe/act in accordance to your right to privacy and confidentiality. Any breach by the employee of our corporate policies would be viewed seriously and subject the employee to such disciplinary action as we may consider appropriate.


We have put in place security measures to prevent unauthorized access which could result in the alteration, destruction, theft of data or compromise the confidentiality of our customers’ or agents’ or business partners’ data. Our site utilizes commercially proven security hardware and software products in our system, network and application infrastructure. These security products include routers, firewalls, secure operating system, authentication processes, encryption technology, etc.

Please note that you play a part in system security as well. Although we exercise every reasonable effort to provide a variety of safe, secure and reliable system, we do not have control over the computer, computer software, system and other incidentals used by you to access the system and further transmission over the internet cannot be guaranteed, warranted or represented to be absolutely secure. If you have registered for on-line facility, you should not share the facility with another person or reveal both your “system user-id” and “password”. The “password” is supposed to be a secret code and it must be changed immediately, if you feel that it has been compromised. Under good practice, “password” must be changed regularly and its secret code cannot be easily guessed. 


We will not disclose your personal information to others unless we have given you prior notice of disclosure or have been previously authorized by you. We do reserve the right to disclose or report personal information in limited circumstances where we believe in good faith that disclosure is required under any law, regulation, guidelines or directives (whether or not having the force of law), to cooperate with regulators, law enforcement authorities or any authority having jurisdiction over us, or to enforce and protect our rights or property.

To ensure that you benefit from the full range of financial plans, products and/or services as well as other opportunities, we may from time to time share your personal information with our agents, affiliated or member companies within our Group and/or other business partners. In such circumstances, we protect that personal information with a confidentiality agreement and these entities must confirm to our privacy standards so that confidentiality of the information is always protected.

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