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Critical illness coverage plan that can protect your income - i-Great Harapan CI10

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i-Great Harapan CI10 | Critical Illness and Income Protection Plan

Coverage for your top concerns in life

Coverage for your top concerns in life

Nobody wishes to be sick or fall ill. Therefore, we always need to be prepared for the sake of our loved ones. Protect yourself and your income if you are afflicted with any one of the top 10 most common critical illnesses in Malaysia with a very affordable monthly contribution. Utilise the lump sum payout from this plan to settle your hospitalisation and treatment bill that the medical protection does not cover, or pay off your debt so you can focus on your recovery with a peace of mind because i-Great Harapan CI10 is the Coverage for Your Top Concerns in Life.


What is a Critical Illness and Income Protection Takaful Plan

A Critical Illness and Income Protection Takaful Plan is crafted to safeguard you and your family against two major risks: the impact of a critical illness diagnosis and the potential loss of income due to disability.


  • Critical Illness Coverage: This part of the plan ensures that if you are diagnosed with a critical illness listed in the certificate, you receive a lump sum payment. This payment is intended to support you and your family during a challenging time, covering medical expenses, treatment costs, ongoing care, or any other financial needs arising from the illness.


  • Income Protection: Alongside critical illness coverage, these plans include income protection benefits. If you find yourself unable to work due to injury or illness, the plan steps in to provide a regular income stream. This ensures that you and your family can maintain your lifestyle, cover daily expenses, home financing or rent payments and other financial obligations while you focus on your recovery.


The Importance and Benefits of a Critical Illness and Income Protection Takaful Plan

The importance of having a Critical Illness and Income Protection Takaful Plan cannot be overstated, especially when you consider the well-being and security of you and your family. Here's why it's crucial:


  • Financial Stability during Illness: A Critical Illness Takaful Plan offers a lump sum payment upon diagnosis, easing the financial burden of medical expenses and allowing you to focus on recovery.


  • Income Protection: Protects your income if disability prevents you from working, ensuring you can meet financial obligations and support your family.


  • Family Security: Provides stability for your loved ones by covering everyday expenses, mortgage and education costs during difficult times.


  • Peace of Mind: Knowing you have a financial safety net allows you to focus on health and well-being without worrying about the future.


Importance of a Takaful Plan like i-Great Harapan CI10

A Takaful plan like i-Great Harapan CI10 offers comprehensive coverage for critical illnesses and income protection, providing peace of mind to certificate holders and their families. Its benefits include financial assistance for medical treatments, rehabilitation and ongoing living expenses during a critical illness or disability. Additionally, it offers flexibility in terms of coverage options, making it a valuable tool in planning for unforeseen circumstances.

Key benefits


Coverage for top 10 critical illnesses

This plan covers the 10 most  common critical illnesses such as stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, cancer, and others.


Affordable contributions

Get protected for only RM2 daily.


Complement your medical plan

Use this plan to complement your medical plan so that you still have financial assistance after the settlement of your medical bills.

How i-Great Harapan CI10 works

Notes and disclaimers

Please do take note of the below to ensure you fully understand what this product does and does not cover. If in doubt, contact your Great Eastern Takaful Advisor.

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