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Medical coverage plan for personal and family in case of health problems and emergencies

Health Protection

i-Great MediHarapan | Medical Protection Plan for Individual and Family

i-Great MediHarapan | Medical Protection Plan for Individual and Family

What is a healthcare protection plan

A Takaful health care protection plan is designed to provide coverage for medical expenses while adhering to Shariah principles. Participants will contribute to the Tabarru’ fund, which is managed in accordance with Islamic ethical guidelines. When a participant requires medical treatment, they can file a claim, and if approved, the expenses are paid from the Tabarru’ fund. Any surplus funds may be distributed among participants, reflecting the mutual assistance and risk-sharing principles of Takaful.


The importance of medical coverage

In the event of emergencies or hospitalisation, there are several costs that patients or their family members must bear. With Great Eastern Takaful, we offer you various Takaful plans that can cater to your healthcare needs. Each of these Great Eastern Takaful Malaysia plans provides healthcare coverage and comes with a family takaful medical card that helps streamline procedures when dealing with hospitals and medical centres. i-Great MediHarapan helps protect you from the unexpected and eases the financial burden on your loved ones, as it is a healthcare protection plan for you and your family.


Benefits and advantages of plans like i-Great MediHarapan

Takaful medical and healthcare protection plans hold significance for individuals and communities for several reasons:


●       Additional Choices for Accessing the Best Healthcare Services

Apart from government hospitals, a medical takaful card can offer you additional options when it comes to choosing healthcare services in the private hospital sector. Both government and private hospitals provide quality treatment with skilled medical professionals and experienced healthcare staff. Each choice has its own advantages and unique features. Get the benefits of the best hospital choice according to your suitability with a medical takaful card.


●       Option to receive treatment at private hospitals

Private hospitals usually have shorter waiting times and quicker access to medical services. Private hospitals also offer a variety of treatments and services, such as advanced medical technology, luxurious facilities, and experienced medical staff.


●       Protection of your savings from medical treatment costs

Without Takaful medical cards, when illness strikes, you would have to bear the full cost of treatment.


●       Cashless admissions

You should have a takaful medical card so that you don't have to rush to find upfront cash for admission. You or your family can fully focus on recovery without worrying about funding expensive hospital bills.


●       To supplement your employer's medical coverage

You may be employed and entitled to employee medical coverage. However, for group medical Takaful, it depends on your job and may no longer protect you if you are no longer employed with that company. Getting your own personal medical card will ensure you are still protected even if you are no longer under group medical coverage.


●       Family protection

There are medical cards to protect your family. As your children grow, they are exposed to more risks, whether during their studies or work. That's why it's important for your family to be protected by comprehensive medical card plans, so your family's finances won't be threatened if family members are hospitalised in Malaysia. Family protection also entitles you to additional discounts, making it more affordable to protect your family.

Key benefits


Unlimited Overall Lifetime Limit and RM200,000 Overall Annual Limit    

Enjoy RM200,000 overall annual limit for only RM3.50 daily* with unlimited Overall Lifetime Limit


Medical coverage of up to age 100 years

Enjoy medical coverage and benefits until you reach 100 years of age next birthday.


Deductible of RM300 per disability

Pay only RM300 of your hospital bill per disability for selected covered benefits, and we will take care of the rest.


5% family discount

Enjoy a 5% family discount when you participate in i-Great MediHarapan with your spouse and family members. 

How i-Great MediHarapan works

Notes and disclaimers

Please do take note of the below to ensure you fully understand what this product does and does not cover. If in doubt, contact your Great Eastern Takaful Advisor.

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