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Guidelines for facing the Malaysian heat wave

Malaysia’s hot season is usually caused by the phenomenon of monsoon transitions, or El Nino from the Pacific Ocean. These hot seasons can stretch on for a number of days to weeks, and temperatures can reach as high as 40 degrees Celsius. What’s worrying is that the hot season brings on heat waves, which could be dangerous.

The effect of heat waves leads to physical stress on a person’s body. This proves to be more concerning when death cases due to heat stroke arise in Malaysia, and even more so for parents with small children. Therefore, it is important to take these steps as precaution in avoiding undesired situations. These are 4 tips to care for yourself during the hot season.

Drink enough water

The one main thing to look out for during the hot spell is to ensure your body is constantly hydrated. Drink at least 2.5 liters (which is equivalent to 8 glasses) of water daily. To add on, you can also drink isotonic water to replace the sodium and minerals that are expelled from your body through sweating.

Moreover, reduce the intake of fluids that affect the process of hydration, also known as diuretics, such as caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea, and carbonated drinks.

Choose appropriate clothing

Choosing the right colours to wear is also essential, as they determine the rate of heat absorption. Based on the National Institute of Environmental Studies Japan, colours like yellow, white and grey have the lowest heat absorption rates. On the other hand, dark colours like black recorded the highest heat absorption rate.

Appropriate Clothing

You can also choose to wear thinner, looser and flowy clothing for comfort. Besides clothing, you can also use an accessory such as a hat or umbrella to protect you from the heat and bright sunlight.

Aside from colours, your clothing material plays an important role in keeping you comfortable in the heat. Wear clothes that are made from cotton as it best absorbs sweat compared to other materials. You might want to avoid clothes made from nylon and polyester which do not absorb sweat well, as it may lead to you feeling warmer and uncomfortable.

Switch up your exercise routine

The hot season is no barrier to staying active. You just may need to tweak your workout routine. One of the things in your routine that can be changed is location. It is best to choose a spot that is shady and sheltered to reduce tiredness due to the heat or heat stroke. You can choose to exercise at home, the gym or an indoor enclosure like a hall.

Pick foods that are rich in water content

Consuming fruits and vegetables that are rich in water content helps to prevent the body from dehydration. The foods that best represent this description are watermelons, cucumbers and coconut water.

Fruits rich with water content

Furthermore, you can also have rice with soup to lower your body temperature.

It is pertinent to plan your daily activities appropriately to minimize exposure to heat and bright sunlight. If possible, avoid waiting in the car for long periods of time. Did you know that the temperature in a car can increase beyond 11 degrees Celsius in just 10 minutes under the hot sun?

To conclude, here are some express tips if you experience any symptom due to the heat such as headaches and exhaustion:

  • Leave the hot area

  • Remove tight clothing

  • Put a damp and chilled towel on your body

  • Use a fan to cool down

  • Drink water every 15 minutes

  • Reach out for help should the symptoms persist


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