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i-Great Medi Care

Live a carefree life with i-Great Medi Care Takaful

Get  the ultimate medical plan and secure a tension free life. Why live a life of uncertainty if you can have lifetime medical coverage for your family? i-Great Medi Care lets you live in the present and saves your family from all future hazards.

Within an affordable budget, get your medical card and enjoy the potential benefits of i-Great Medi Care takaful.  

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Key benefits


Medical coverage up to age 80 years

Get lifetime medical coverage and take the benefits of i-Great Medi Care up to 80 years. Without any third party involvement, you can easily apply online.  


No medical examination

Anyone can enjoy the advantages of i-Great Medi Care. By simply applying online, you can avail of our medical card facilities and secure your future days from any medical emergencies.  


Zero Co-Takaful

The best part of this medical coverage is no Co-Takaful is applicable for this plan. Takaful Operator will bear the entire medical costs, including hospitalisation charges.  


Underwriting surplus and investment profit

Our medical plan also offers investment profits. Our customers are entitled to underwriting surplus profits within this plan. The amount is payable as per the guidelines of the Takaful Operator.

Note: The underwriting surplus and investment profit are determined yearly.   


Disability Coverage Takaful Calculator
Get a quotation to find your estimated amount.


Financial Budget Calculator
Find out your payable amount. 


Product Disclosure Sheet
Click here to download the i-Great Medi Care Product Disclosure Sheet.

Certificate Documents
Click here to download the i-Great Medi Care Certificate Documents.

How i-Great Medi Care works

Notes and disclaimers

Please do take note of the below to ensure you fully understand what this product does and does not cover. If in doubt, contact our officer at 03-4259 8335 or email us at GreatAssist@greateasterntakaful.com.

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