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GETB has been awarded with the Best Takaful Provider in Malaysia by the Global Business Outlook

Comprehensive protection at your fingertips!

It is undeniably true that these days, our daily needs can easily be managed, with smooth and safe user-journey through the digitisation of services. Furthermore, the robust digital infrastructure, with the development of a more comprehensive financial ecosystem are readily available through various platforms with enhanced privacy and data security. In this era of modernisation, the financial and health management sectors face no exception where Malaysians may draw on these digital facilities with confidence. 

GETB has received certificate by the Global Business Outlook for Best Takaful Provider in Malaysia

Highly accessible services and Takaful product offerings

Another emergence trend that has caught the attention of many is the innovation of 'Insurtech' or insurance and takaful technology. This includes a new and mondernised service model which may potentially narrow down the protection gap amongst Malaysians. Great Eastern Takaful Berhad (GETB), which is a reputable takaful company in Malaysia, has undergone a substantial transformation in its efforts to help facilitate and elevate its customer experience. GETB, which had recently been awarded the Best Takaful Provider in Malaysia by the Global Business Outlook, plays an important role in empowering Insurtech for the wider reach of takaful participants.

Aligned with the Bank Negara Malaysia, this effort commensurate with the discussion paper on the licensing framework published by Bank Negara Malaysia for Insurers and Digital Takaful Operators, which aims to contribute towards a more vibrant and inclusive growth of Insurtech.

According to a statement issued by the Malaysian Takaful Association (MTA), the family takaful industry has now increased by 16.2%, contributing as much as RM5.44 billion compared to RM4.68 billion in 2021. This increase was partly driven by highly accessible digital services and protection plans provided by takaful operators which can be subscribed within just a few clicks including remote consultation services and online verification.

These digital facilities provide an easy way for the customers to get their health and financial protection whilst getting takaful product information wherever they may be. Not only that, the e-payment services as well as well-equipped customer portal are also seen as an important digital needs to ensure continuous protection for them and their loved ones. 

Competitive products primarily attract customers

Easy access to various information about takaful plans which are available in the market is seen as an important factor that helps customers make appropriate decisions according to the protection needs that suit their financial situation and life aspirations. A digital service that is user-friendly, unique and offers a comprehensive protection plan would definitely serve customers’ interest for a takaful product subscription. They may easily make product comparison and could even assess their financial risk for a brighter future.

There are countless information on financial, investments and health management such as critical illness protection, accidents and so on are readily available for the benefit of the customers. They may also browse through a variety of additional information and useful tips that help them understand the protection need for themselves and their family. Everything is now made easy, with all just at your fingertips!

Have a look at the attractive family takaful packages from Great Eastern Takaful here.  

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