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Malaysia (Takaful)
Mohd Hilmi Mohd @ Ab Razak
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Mohd Hilmi Mohd @ Ab Razak

10 Malay, English Kuala Lumpur
SES 8 Bangkok 2017, SES 9 Ho Chi Minh 2018, Surprise Me Surabaya 2018, Supremacy Summit Guangzhou 2018, Amazing Bali Qualifier 2019, Set 2 Bangkok 2020, Star Summit Istanbul 2020, Top 4 Rookie Unit Manager Nationwide 2020 And One Million Direct Unit 2020.

My expertise is to help young entrepreneurs to generate additional income part-time or full-time in the business of takaful. I am also an expert and very skillful person in guiding Malaysians people to structure their financial flows so that they do not get entangled in debts that can trap themselves.

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