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Malaysia (Takaful)
Amirul Ashraf Jamaluddin
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Amirul Ashraf Jamaluddin

8 Malay, English Kuala Lumpur
Great Crown Leo 2017, Great Pro Master Leo 2017/2018, Supremacy Award 2017, Megastar Award 2017, Master Builder Award Q2/2018, Superstar Award 2019, Top 10 Rookie Unit Manager Nationwide 2019, Newly Promoted Unit Manager 2019, Q3 Champion Aspirant Group Manager 2019, Star Summit Platinum Star 2020.

I am a former Registered Chemist who served for 12 years in the Government Laboratory. I believe a career as a Takaful Consultant has had a very big and positive impact on my life and would like to share it with others.

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