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Protect your loved ones and yourself with MikroSayang takaful plan

Online Takaful Plan

MikroSayang | Perlindungan Tenang Takaful Plan

With small contributions comes great love

The culture of helping each other is imprinted in our society. When we hear that there are people who need our help, we will not hesitate to lend our hands to ensure that the person gets all the things they need. No matter how small the donation is, it can bring great help to those in need.


Celebrating this wonderful gesture, Great Eastern Takaful offers an online takaful plan that practises a similar concept named MikroSayang. When you contribute to MikroSayang, you protect your loved ones, yourself and other contributors through a fund known as ‘Tabarru'. Tabarru' is a concept whereby a sincere donation is given to a party without expecting anything in exchange. We realise these values further strengthen our bonds and define us as a united society. As the saying goes, in unity, there is strength.


MikroSayang offers six types of online takaful plans that you can choose from as low as RM50 per year. You can get this plan without having to go through the underwriting process and your application is guaranteed to be accepted. MikroSayang is a product approved as a Perlindungan Tenang plan by Bank Negara Malaysia.

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Key benefits


Guaranteed acceptance

Get this plan without any hassle going through the underwriting process. Take this golden opportunity so that you can protect yourself from any misfortune.


Accidental Death Benefit of RM5,000

In the event of the death of the Person Covered due to an accident, the next of kin will receive a lump sum payment of RM5,000 to reduce the burden due to the loss of a loved one.


Hospitalisation Benefit of RM50 a day

If the Covered Person is hospitalised, the Person Covered will receive an allowance of RM50 a day, limited to 14 days per year.


Critical Illness Benefit of RM5,000

The Person Covered is entitled to a lump sum payment of RM5,000 if diagnosed with a critical illness during the coverage period.


Needs Analysis Calculator
Click here to estimate the amount of coverage needed.


Financial Budget Calculator
Click here to gauge the affordability of contributions payable. 



Product Disclosure Sheet
Click here to download the MikroSayang Product Disclosure Sheet.


Certificate Documents
Click here to download the MikroSayang Certificate Documents.

Frequently Asked Questions
Click here to download frequently asked questions about MikroSayang.

How MikroSayang works

Notes and disclaimers

Please do take note of the below to ensure you fully understand what this product does and does not cover. If in doubt, contact our officer at 03-4259 8335 or email us at mikrosayang@greateasterntakaful.com.

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