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How to create a resume employers will read

Guidelines to write a good resume that's easy for employers to find and read

"I've sent dozens of resumes but still can't land a job…"

If you are in this situation, you may need to revise the way you write your resume. You need to know the main purpose of sending a resume is to get a chance for an interview session. In this article you will learn how you can increase the chance of your resume standing out compared to hundreds of other resumes.

1. Don't create one general resume

One of the common mistakes you can make is to send the same resume for each application. A resume is an advertisement of yourself. You need to customize your resume based on each job you applied for.

Match the skills in your resume with the job description in the job vacancy advertisement you are applying for. Recognize what key skills are needed for the position, then write an appropriate resume.

Also, do take into account the Requirements or Qualifications of the job advertisement, if you have taken the relevant certificate or have the skills, focus on highlighting your relevant experience in those skills when writing the resume to stand out.

2. Write down how you can help the employer

When writing about experiences and skills in the old workplace, don’t just write down what you just created. Explain in detail how you improved the process or added value in the previous company.

For example, if you control the entry of goods in the factory in a previous job, you can write “Managed the entry of goods using Excel and successfully reduce waste by 90%”. Tell us what improvements you are making in your workplace.

Ways to succeed in a job interview

3. Do not include information that does not add value

Don’t include meaningless information such as nationality, blood type, hobbies and favorites.Only put relevant information.

Your personal information is enough with just your name, phone number, email, address and LinkedIn.

4. Include a portfolio

A portfolio is an example of your past work. For example, if you are applying for a position as a social media manager, you can show the success you brought when managing a social media before.

Showcase your best work.

By placing a portfolio in addition to your resume, employers can evaluate your previous work results and further increase their confidence in your abilities.

5. Ensure your resume is readable and scannable

First, use easy-to-read and standard fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial and Calibri. Don't use cursive and artistic fonts.

Second, write in the form of points rather than long paragraphs. This way it is easier for employers to scan your resume to find important information.

6. Who should be placed in the reference section?

Put 2 people as references, one from the academic circle i.e. your lecturer and the other in the industry i.e. the boss or manager in the previous workplace.

7. Use active sentences

Put verbs in front of sentences. Change the sentence from “Responsible for ...”, “Achieve ...”, “Trusted to ...” to “Performed ...”, “Analyzed ...”, “Designed ...” and “Operated. .. ”.

And avoid using generic sentences such as "Highly motivated ...", "Very passionate ..", "Can work with minimum supervision ..." and "Fast learning ...".

8. Check your resume before submitting

Make sure there are no minor errors such as spelling errors or uneven formatting. Ask for help from your friends, professional services or online systems such as Grammarly.

Resume writing tips to help a recent college graduate succeed in the job market

A resume is the first step in the process of getting a job. By writing a good resume and using the tips above, hopefully you will get more interview opportunities that will lead to your dream job.

At Great Eastern Takaful, we also provide career opportunities as a Takaful advisor along with guidance and training to help you achieve a high income. You can see more information here. 



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