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A quick guide: health tips for a successful fast

A quick guide on health tips for a successful fast

The Ramadan month is approaching, many Muslims are starting to make preparations for the holy month such as devotion activities and voluntary fasting. While fasting, it is important for you to give your utmost attention towards your own health: physically and mentally. By understanding the best ways to healthily fast, you can fully take advantage of the benefits of fasting . Let's take a look at the health tips for a healthy and successful fast.

Hydrate yourself 

Hydrate yourself properly during sahur

While fasting, we are forbidden to drink and eat in the fasting period. This could lead to dehydration if you do not fulfil your body fluid needs. It is recommended for you to drink at least 8 to 12 glasses of water to avoid dehydration.

Since drinking and eating is forbidden during fasting, it is important to consider the water and food intake during sahur for the good of your health. It is recommended that you avoid taking in any drinks that contain caffeine as caffeines are diuretic – resulting in you visiting the toilet frequently, at the same time removing water from your body. 

Control food portion

Control your food portion and eat healthy food during breaking the fast

During the Ramadan month or while fasting, the most awaited time is the Maghrib prayer calling – breaking your fast. Many people among us are often ravenous when it’s time to break the fast due to all-day hunger. We should be moderate and control a healthy food portion size when breaking the fast or during sahur.

You can control your food portion by eating gradually by eating light and simple foods such as fruits or confectioneries followed by heavier food after a few hours, such as after Isha prayer or tarawih. With this, you can avoid your body from eating excessively, a bloated stomach and waste of food and drinks. 

Exercise moderately

Maintain light exercise during fasting

A lot of people still assume that we don’t have to exercise while fasting. Contrary to public assumption, exercising while fasting is one of the good and healthy ways that should be done by everyone.

You do not have to go through a high intensity exercise regime, light exercise such as walking, small jog or cycling for 30 minutes are more than enough. To use your exercise time intensively, it is recommended that you exercise before breaking your fast where you can use your excess energy before breaking your fast.

Rest adequately

Rest adequately by getting enough sleep

Since we fast and refrain ourselves from eating and drinking, our energy is much less compared to usual, hence, it is important for you to rest adequately. Avoid using your energy for high intensity activities and ensure that you get enough sleep.

Plan your time ahead so that you can fast with ease and be energised. When you get enough sleep and rest, your brain performance is increased and you are energised to perform any ibadah and continue your daily routines.

The awareness towards healthy food intake, appropriate physical activities, and overall care may give a positive impact towards our fasting experience. By following these healthy fasting tips, you can plan a proper health plan to avoid any unexpected misfortune. Let's take care of our mind and body, making the Ramadan month as an opportunity for us to grow and gain spiritual and physical benefits. 

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