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To invest or to protect? Why not both?

Invest and protect using the investment-linked takaful plans
To invest or to protect with takaful - what does it takes to waste RM3600 a year?

What does it take to waste RM3,600 a year? Only RM10 a day spent on miscellaneous. What could be the RM10 you spend unnecessarily a day? It could be a pack of cigarette, list of snacks from chips, ice-cream, chocolates and cookies; lifestyle drinks of boba teas alike and a lot more items you don’t necessarily need to spend.

According to a statistic conducted by Ministry of Finance, Malaysians spend 31.2% of their salary on food, which is about RM20 to RM50 a day. Do you know with that RM10 a day you spend on miscellaneous, you could protect yourself against life uncertainties such as death, disability, accident, illness and on top of that earn potential return from investment fund? Let’s find out how.

What is investment-linked takaful?

What is investment-linked Takaful?

  • A Family Takaful plan that combines investment to build savings fund from the potential returns and protection coverage against death, disability, critical illness and accidental as well as hospitalisation benefit.
  • Part of the contributions will be invested in a variety of Shariah-approved investment funds of your choice.
Benefits of participating in investment-linked Takaful plan

Why should I participate in investment-linked Takaful plan and what are the benefits?

  • Best of both worlds – why spend on Takaful protection solely when you can have a combination of both? Get yourself protected and enjoy potential returns in due as a safety net for retirement or fulfilling other life goals.
  • Flexible – allows you to customise your own level of protection and investment to suit your affordability. You may also choose to switch investment funds within the Takaful Operator’s fund options depending on your risk appetite. You can also update your protection level later on when your life stage changes so that you are always sufficiently covered.
  • Wholesome coverage – you may expect coverage to include death, critical illness, hospitalisation, accidental death, income protection and total & permanent disability with coverage amount varies based on your needs. These coverages are usually riders that can be customised based on your budget and needs.
  • Partial withdrawals – you can make withdrawal any time should you need financial aid in case of emergencies.
Get yourself protected while investing with takaful investment & enjoy the potential returns

There are many ways you could waste RM3,600 a year, or precisely RM10 a day. But why spend unnecessarily for items you don’t even need when you can get yourself protected should anything untoward happens to you? At the same time, you get to invest at your own preference and enjoy the potential returns later on. With RM10 a day, you will be able to get death and total & permanent disability benefit of up to RM300,000 and up to RM100,000 for critical illness, RM90,000 for medical  and accidental benefit for RM40,000.

Apart from that, you can opt for additional services such as Badal Hajj and Waqf in the event of your passing. You may also perform Hibah for your loved ones or chosen charity for continued legacy. What’s more, you are also entitled for tax relief.  All of this for such a small amount of money. Don’t let it go to waste! Sounds good?

Click here to find out more about Investment-Linked Takaful Plan.

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