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Medical Sustainability Guide

Medical sustainability guideline

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Your current coverage vs your future coverage

First, let’s understand the concept of Takaful. Takaful refers to the cooperation between individuals to mutually aid each other in providing financial assistance to participants in need. A portion of the contributed amount will be donated into the shared pool called Tabarru’ Fund which is used to pay all claims received by the Takaful Operator.

Did you know? In 2023, RM141 million medical claims were made, which is 45% more than in year 2022. If the claims volume exceeds the total Tabarru’ collected without intervention, the Tabarru’ Fund may deplete and the Takaful Operator may no longer be able to provide coverage to other Takaful participants that contribute to the Tabarru’ Fund. This is where revision of Takaful contribution amount takes place, to ensure the sustainability of the Tabarru’ Fund for the payment of Takaful benefits offered under your Certificate. 

Takaful contributions may be affected, potentially impacting your personal finances as well, but Takaful coverage is still a necessity! However, worry not as we will be with you every step of the way. It would be worthwhile to revisit your existing Takaful coverage so we can make the right adjustments for your needs. Click away to see how you can be well informed and ensuring the sustainability of your medical coverage.

Watch the following video for more insights. 

I received my communication pack. What to do next? 

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Please contact your Takaful Advisor to discuss your options. Alternatively, you may visit our FAQs page or call our Customer Service Careline at 1300-13-8338, or email us at


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