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Environmental Awareness Briefing at SK (P) Methodist and SK Semabok, Melaka.

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Great Eastern Takaful’s upcycling champions, or newly introduced as Skuad Hero Lestari continued its Jelajah Upcycling Programme to increase environmental awareness among school students and the community.

On May 21, 2024, over 500 enthusiastic students from SK (P) Methodist and SK Semabok in Melaka were engaged in hands-on sessions on operating the 2-in-1 upcycling machine which turned plastic waste into new products. Over 100 upcycled items were produced throughout the sessions. This initiative which aimed to promote sustainability and green lifestyle was well received by the students as they were given the opportunity to produce upcycled items themselves while having new ideas on producing more upcycled items at home. Skuad Hero Lestari also took the chance to enhance financial literacy especially on saving and generating extra income from recycle and upcycle activities.

The Jelajah Upcycling Program is more than just education, it’s a call to action. Great Eastern Takaful hopes to empower these young individuals with knowledge and skills to become environmentally conscious individuals who protect our planet. Together, we can Reach for Great and create a greener, more sustainable future.

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