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Environmental Awareness Briefing at SK Kg. Tun Razak, Malacca

Environmental Awareness Briefing at SK Kg. Tun Razak, Melaka

Once again, Skuad Hero Lestari was invited by a school in Malacca to conduct the Upcycling Programme, a sustainability initiative by Great Eastern Takaful under the GET-Green CSR pillar. On 11 June 2024, around 300 students from SK Kg. Tun Razak took part in this programme.

The session featured an engaging and enjoyable talk, along with quizzes emphasising the importance of environmental conservation. In this programme, it showcased the Upcycling Machine that converts type 2 and type 5 plastics waste into new practical items such as rulers and hair combs. The students also participated in hands-on sessions with the Upcycling Machine, creating 20 products including hair combs and rulers. This interactive activity reinforced the principles of recycling and sustainability.

Skuad Hero Lestari is more than just a sustainability initiative or educational program, it’s a call to action. Great Eastern Takaful aspires to equip these young individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to become environmentally conscious adults who will protect our planet. Together, let's Reach for Great, and work towards a greener and more sustainable future.

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