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Product Information

  1. What is i-Great Murni 2.0?
    i-Great Murni 2.0 is a yearly step-up regular contribution term takaful plan that matures at age 80 years next birthday with the benefit of family takaful protection. 

  2. What are the benefits under this plan?
    This plan provides:
    • Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) Benefit
    • Bereavement Allowance
    • Death Benefit

  3. Can I participate in more than one i-Great Murni 2.0?
    Yes, you may participate in more than one (1) i-Great Murni subject to the maximum aggregate coverage amount of RM500,000.

Minimum / Maximum Entry Age

  1. What is the age eligibility for this plan?
    You have to be between the age of 19 and 60 years next birthday to be eligible for this plan.

Mode / Frequency of Payment

  1. How do I pay my contribution and what is the payment frequency?
    You can pay your contribution by credit card only on an annual, half-yearly, quarterly or monthly basis.


  1. What happens if TPD occurs?
    You will receive the Basic Sum Covered in the unfortunate event of TPD before the age of 70 years next birthday.

  2. What happens in the event of death during the term of the certificate?
    In the event of death during the certificate term, your nominee (or if there is no nominee, your next of kin) will receive the Basic Sum Covered from the Tabarru' Fund minus the Bereavement Allowance. Most importantly, we will advance RM5,000 from the Basic Sum Covered to assist with funeral expenses.


  1. Am I entitled for any Underwriting Surplus and Investment Profit under this plan?
    Yes, you are entitled for Underwriting Surplus and Investment Profit, if any, under this plan.

    Any Underwriting Surplus from the Tabarru’ Fund after a suitable amount is held back for contingency purposes will be shared among the participants and the Takaful Operator in the ratio of 50:50. Your share of the surplus will be payable to you via any medium that the Takaful Operator deems fit.

    Any Investment Profit which derives from the Tabarru’ Fund will be shared among the Participants and the Takaful Operator in the ratio of 50:50 and payable to you via any medium that the Takaful Operator deems fit. Any losses will be carried forward and accounted for before arriving at the underwriting surplus or deficit in the following year.

    Note: The underwriting surplus and investment profits are determined yearly.


  1. What are the exclusions under this plan?
    Exclusion for Death Benefit and Bereavement Allowance:
    No benefit shall be payable in the event of suicide, while sane or insane, within one (1) year from the Effective Date or from the date of any reinstatement, whichever is later.

    Exclusion for TPD Benefit:
    No benefit shall be payable if TPD of the Person Covered:
    • resulting from self-inflicted injuries, while sane or insane;
    • has existed prior to or on the effective date or on the date of any reinstatement, whichever is later;
    • resulting from the breach of law or any assault provoked by the Person Covered;
    • caused by bodily injury sustained as a result of parachuting or skydiving or engaging in aerial flights other than as a crew member or as a fare-paying passenger of a licensed commercial airlines operating on a regular scheduled route; or
    • is resulted from war, whether declared or undeclared.

Note: This list is non-exhaustive. Please refer to the certificate for the full list of limitations and exclusions under this plan.

Sum Covered

  1. What are the Basic Sum Covered available under this plan?
    You can choose the following Basic Sum Covered depending on your affordability and financial needs:
    • Plan 1 - RM100,000
    • Plan 2 - RM200,000
    • Plan 3 - RM300,000
    • Plan 4 - RM400,000
    • Plan 5 - RM500,000
  2. How much coverage should I be getting?
    The amount of coverage varies according to your needs, financial commitment and future planning. Use our coverage calculator to help you estimate your coverage needs.


  1. How much is the contribution that I have to pay for this plan?
    The contribution amount depends on your selected Basic Sum Covered, age, gender and smoker status. The contribution for this plan may remain or increases at every certificate anniversary based on your attained age next birthday.

Term of Payment

  1. How long do I have to pay for the contribution under this plan?
    The contribution is payable for the entire term of the certificate until you reach age 80 years next birthday.


  1. What are the charges that I have to pay under this plan?
    Your contributions subject to the following charges:
    • Upfront Charge
      An upfront charge of 10% of your contribution will be deducted to pay for the cost to manage this plan. Please refer to the Schedule of Contribution for the actual upfront charge.

    • Tabarru'
      Tabarru’ (the remaining contribution paid after Upfront Charge), will be channelled to Tabarru' Fund based on the mode of payment selected at the beginning of each conribution due.                                                                                                                                          Back to top


  1. What is the Tabarru’ Fund?
    Tabarru’ Fund is a pool of funds established for the purpose of solidarity and cooperation among the participants that is used to help all participants in the event of misfortunes.
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