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Higher coverage for both your needs and loved ones

Life can go from simple to complex in the blink of an eye. It’s not just “you” who you need to look after. When you’re starting a family, you will face perhaps the most daunting financial pressures you have ever encountered. With a spouse and children, you’re not the only one who depends on your income to make ends meet.

Expenses like rent or a mortgage, school fees, childcare and just everyday living expenses weigh heavily, and you’re likely still early in your career, far from your peak earning potential. At the same time, you need to begin saving for the future – education for the kids and a nest egg for your spouse in case anything unfortunate happens to you. How can you address all of these obligations at once?

With i-Gr8 Harapan, rest assured that your family wouldn’t be left short financially if you were no longer around. Offering high coverage of up to RM2 million with a very affordable monthly contribution, i-Gr8 Harapan is your family’s next hope of living.


  1. Low contribution with high coverage
    Get protected for only RM2 daily with coverage of up to RM1 million.

  2. High sum covered
    Sum Covered starts from RM100,000 up to RM500,000.

  3. Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) benefit
    In the event of TPD prior to the certificate anniversary of 70 years age next birthday due to all causes, Basic Sum Covered (BSC) shall be payable.

  4. Death benefit
    In the event of death prior to the certificate maturity, the BSC shall be payable. In the event that the total contribution paid is higher than the BSC upon death, the total contribution paid shall be payable.

  5. Accidental death benefit
    In addition to the Death Benefit, your next of kin will receive up to 300% of the BSC in the event of accidental death prior to the certificate anniversary of 70 years age next birthday if the accident happens:

    in Malaysia Additional 100% of Death Benefit
    in Malaysia caused by the following events:
    1. while traveling as a passenger in a Public Conveyance; or

    2. riding as a passenger in an elevator or electric lift
      (elevator or electric lift in mines or in a building under construction is excluded); or

    3. in consequence of the burning of any hotel or other public buildings (except theatre or cinema) in which the Person Covered shall be present at the time of commencement of the fire.
    Additional 200% of Death Benefit
    outside of Malaysia Additional 300% of Death Benefit

The above infographic is for illustration purposes only. Terms and conditions apply. 
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