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Group Hospitalisation & Surgical

Group Hospitalisation & Surgical – Corporate Solutions – Great Eastern Takaful

Your perfect fit for family medical plan

Protect your loved ones with the right healthcare which provides you with affordable care and personalised options. Gain the added confidence of knowing that many of your health-related expenses, both routine and unexpected, will be covered.


Key benefits

One stop medical protection solution

Not just medicine, but tailored solutions.

Affordable contribution

Treatment that is customised with you and your loved ones in mind.

Flexibility to mix and match your coverage

It is an experience to enable you to live a healthier and better life.

Schedule of benefits

Your health and the health of your loved ones are dear to your heart and we at Great Eastern Takaful Berhad (GETB) understand this. View the Schedule of benefits here.

Enhance your coverage

Customise your Group Term Takaful (Basic) plan with these extra protections. Should you want to add the coverage for personal accident or critical illness, the following riders are available for you to choose from:

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Notes and Disclaimers:

Please do take note of the below to ensure you fully understand what this product does and does not cover. If in doubt, email us at

Important Notices
  1. This is a group yearly renewable medical and health takaful plan that provides coverage for Hospitalisation and/or Surgical treatment due to accident or illness. This plan can be promoted as a basic plan or a rider .These plans are family takaful products that are tied to the performance of underlying assets and are not pure investment products such as unit trusts. The coverage for medical suites riders are paid from the basic plan’s contribution and are managed in compliance with Shariah principles.

  2. You should satisfy yourself that these riders will best serve your needs and that the contribution payable under the basic certificate is an amount you can afford.

  3. Upon termination or expiry of these riders, no benefits will be payable from the Tabarru’ Fund.

  4. You may stop paying contributions and still enjoy protection as long as there are sufficient total values of the unit fund(s) to pay for the Tabarru’ and service charge, where applicable. However there is a possibility of the certificate lapsing when the required charges, including Tabarru’, exceed the total value of the unit fund(s) available. Participating in too many riders or choosing high protection levels may deplete the unit values.

  5. A free-look period of 15 days from the delivery of the certificate is given for you to review the suitability of these MHT riders. If the certificate is returned to the Takaful Operator during this period, the Takaful Operator shall credit back the investment values that have been deducted to pay for the Tabarru’ (if any), less expenses which may have been incurred for the medical examination (if any), into the PUA.

  6. If you switch-over your MHT basic plan/rider from one Takaful Operator to another or if you exchange your MHT rider with MHT basic plan, or vice versa, within the same Takaful Operator, you may be required to submit an application where acceptance of your proposal will be subjected to the terms and conditions imposed at the time of switching or replacement.

  7. This brochure is for general information only. You are advised to refer to the consumer education booklet on MHT, Product Disclosure Sheet and sample certificate documents for detailed important features of the rider before participating in the plan. The exclusions and limitations of benefits highlighted on the previous pages are not exhaustive. If there is any discrepancy between the English and Bahasa Malaysia version of this brochure, the English version shall prevail. The Takaful Operator reserves the right to revise the benefits structure and limitations or increase the Tabarru’ on certificate anniversary by giving at least 30 days notice. For further details on the terms and conditions, reference shall be made to the certificate issued by Great Eastern Takaful Berhad.

This information is for general information only. You are advised to refer to the Benefit Illustration, Product Disclosure Sheet and sample of certificate for detailed features and benefits of the plan before participating in the plan.

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