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i-Great Damai

i-Great Damai – Wealth Accumulation – Great Eastern Takaful

i-Great Damai investment-linked Takaful plan

Living life to the fullest is about achieving all that you can. You want the opportunity to realise these goals while staying protected, financially and medically. i-Great Damai offers a combination of takaful solutions to make that happen.

Key benefits

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Flexibility to decide on protection and contribution levels

Deciding on the amount of protection and contribution levels is entirely up to you. Start with a small amount of contribution and top-up later to match your needs as they change.

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Bereavement benefit

In the event of your death, your family will receive a lump sum payment of RM2,000 as a bereavement benefit. This will help alleviate financial burdens related to the funeral.

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Maturity benefit

Upon maturity, 100% of the total values of the PUA (if any), will be payable in one lump sum.

Maturity benefit, underwriting surplus, and investment profit

You will receive any amount left in Participant’s Individual Account (PIA) upon maturity. Also, any underwriting surplus arising from the Tabarru’ Fund will be split between the participants and the Takaful Operator.

Enhance your coverage

Customise your i-Great Damai with these extra protections. Should you want to add the coverage for medical, critical illness or contributor the following riders are available for you to choose from:

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Notes and Disclaimers:

Please do take note of the below to ensure you fully understand what this product does and does not cover. If in doubt, contact your Great Eastern Takaful Advisor.

Important Notices
  1. i-Great Damai is a regular contribution investment-linked family Takaful plan that matures at age 99 next birthday. This plan is a family Takaful product that is tied to the performance of the underlying assets, and is not a pure investment product such as unit trusts.
  2. Contributions are payable until age 99 next birthday, or until death or Total and Permanent Disability, whichever occurs first. You should satisfy yourself that this plan will best serve your needs and that the contributions payable under the certificate are affordable to you.
  3. A free-look period of 15 days is given for you to review the suitability of the plan. If the certificate is returned to the Takaful Operator during this period, the Takaful Operator shall refund an amount equal to the sum of:
    1. Total account values of the certificate based on the Net Asset Value at the next valuation date;
    2. The investment values of the units which have been cancelled to pay for Tabarru’ and Service Charge; and
    3. The amount of contributions that have not been allocated; minus the expenses incurred for the medical examination, (if any).
  4. Net Asset Value is the single price at which the certificate owner buys the units in a unit fund and sells the units back to the unit fund.
  5. In cases where the participation involves a contribution of a sizeable amount i.e. RM5,000 and more, the prospect should consider participating in a single contribution investment-linked family takaful as single contribution plans offer better allocation rates for investment. However, please take note that single contribution plans may not offer as much coverage as regular contribution plans and may have less riders/ supplementary benefits available.
  6. Upon termination or expiry of this plan, no benefits will be payable from the Tabarru’ Fund.
  7. You may stop paying contributions and still enjoy protection as long as there are sufficient total values of the unit fund(s) to pay for the Tabarru’ and service charge, where applicable. However, there is a possibility of the certificate lapsing when the required charges, including Tabarru’, exceed the total value of the unit fund(s) available. Participating in too many riders or choosing high protection levels may deplete the unit values.
  8. Participating in an investment-linked family takaful plan is a long-term commitment. You may get back less than your total contributions paid if you terminate your plan early due to the high initial cost incurred.
  9. An investment-linked family takaful plan is tied to the performance of the unit fund(s). The value of the unit fund(s) will be based on the actual performance of the fund(s) and is not guaranteed. Past actual performance is not a guide to future performance, which may be different. The investment risk under the plan will be borne solely by the certificate owner and the fund values may be less than the total contributions made to the unit fund(s).
  10. Any amount of the contribution that has not been allocated to purchase units is used to meet the payment of commissions to intermediaries and general expenses of the takaful operator. The takaful operator reserves the right, in circumstances it considers exceptional, to suspend issuance or redemption of units.

This information is for general information only. You are advised to refer to the Benefit Illustration, Product Disclosure Sheet and sample of certificate for detailed features and benefits of the plan before participating in the plan.

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