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It is important to be protected. At Great Eastern Takaful, we understand your life’s priorities. That’s why we give you access to diverse and personalised plans that help you protect your family and safeguard the things that matter to you the most.

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Protect myself and my family

Everybody wants to protect their families, yet every family is different. That’s why Great Eastern Takaful provides a range of solutions that will give you and yours the best possible protection.
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i-Great Murni 2.0

Now, getting coverage is as easy as it gets. Be empowered and take charge of your financial well-being and fulfil your protection needs. Realise your good intentions with i-Great Murni 2.0

Key benefits
  • Simplified Underwriting
  • Basic Sum Coverage of up to RM500,000
  • Bereavement Allowance
i-Great Medi Care

True happiness is living the life the way you want to. Unfortunately, life's uncertainties are inevitable and that's the case with health too. Get i-Great Medi Care to complement your basic protection plan to safeguard you against unforeseen medical emergency.

i-Great Medi Care - Your Hassle-Free Personal Medical Care.

Key benefits
  • Medical Coverage up to Age 80 Years
  • No Medical Examination
  • Zero Co-Takaful
i-Great Critical Care

Your health is paramount to you and your family. The fast-paced life and change in lifestyle now has led to the drastic increase of the possibility someone getting affected due to critical illness. Recuperation process can be both expensive and time consuming.

The i-Great Critical Care enables you to get the treatment needed and takes care of your financial worry – an essential addition to your existing medical protection plan.

i-Great Critical Care - Your Partner in Critical Times.

Key benefits
  • Basic Sum Covered of up to RM500,000
  • No Medical Examination
  • Coverage for 36 Critical Illnesses
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Family Takaful Protection

Every stage in life requires different forms of protection. Whether you're single or married - we’re here for you.

i-Great Jannah
i-Great Jannah

This is your story. It is about you taking charge. Knowing that life can bring you its ups and downs, you want to be prepared. Take a look at your children and you will know what you need to do to provide for them, so that they can live their dreams; create their own histories. So go ahead and make that difference to those who matter to you, be it your children, that 'surau' across your street or even that old folks home that you would occassionally contribute to. A little goes a long way, and that little bit of effort will last a lifetime.

Key benefits
  • Flexible Coverage Term
  • Contribution Payment Terms
  • Hibah your Takaful benefit
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i-Great Mega
i-Great Mega

Managing the various commitment circles in our lives is fundamental to a sense of personal well-being and professional success. These should include your personal ideals, financial priorities, and long term goals.

Ensure that you are on track towards that comfortable lifestyle with i-Great Mega. Our protection plan can help you grow your savings and allow you to experience that life dreams with just a little bit of planning and discipline.

Key benefits
  • High Coverage from RM250,000 onwards
  • Loyalty Benefit up to 40% of your annual contribution
  • 4 Flexible Options
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i-Great Teras
i-Great Teras

Take advantage of the hassle-free i-Great Teras and get your coverage from only RM25 a month. It’s the best starter plan that provides maturity benefit and protection at the same time.

Start early and get the coverage you need! 

Key benefits
  • Rewards you upon maturity
  • Death or Total and Permanent Disability benefit
  • Bereavement benefit
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M-Tiara Term Takaful

There are many aspects of your life that are worth saving for - your retirement, your children's education, to become financially independent amd even save for those unforeseen expenses, ensuring that life will always be good for your loved ones.

Start today with M-Tiara Term Takaful and set aside that fund for your future use. With a Basic Sum Covered starting  at RM250,000 that grows at a simple rate of 10% every 5 years (maximum of 3 times increment), you know that your family will be well looked after.

Key benefits
  • Sum Covered
  • Additional Sum Covered
  • Coverage Term
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Health Protection

With life expectancy and medical costs on the rise, ensuring you have access to proper healthcare is crucial. At Great Eastern Takaful, we have health solutions that are tailored to your budget, age group, and health needs

i-Medik Rider Suite
i-Medik Rider Suite

As medical care advances and treatment options increase, health care costs also increases. 

The purpose of a medical plan is to help you pay for your healthcare. It protects you financially in the event of unexpected serious illness or injury that could be very expensive. Health protection provides us with the abillity to afford better healthcare facilities for ourselves and our loved ones. Being healthy makes everything in life better.

Key benefits
  • 10% increase in Overall Annual Limit every 3 years
  • Daily Cash Allowance from RM50
  • Opt for 10x Overall Annual Limit
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M-Tiara Critical Care
M-Tiara Critical Care

It is vitally important to save and plan ahead because unexpected situations can always happen. When you have something to put away, you will be prepared for the future. That future could include hard times, or it could simply mean having enough for something you want to do or accomplish. A plan that is designed to help pay for expenses that can occur when there is a diagnosis of a Covered Event, of which your medical plan might not cover such as prescription medications, alternative treatments and out-of-town care, as well as non-medical expenses, including rent, car financing, Takaful contribution, lost income and many more.

Key benefits
  • Coverage of up to 150% of Basic Sum Covered
  • Start from as low as RM100 per month
  • 5 simple underwriting questions
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