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Malaysia (Takaful)
Syurhaya Binti Mohd Shah

Syurhaya Binti Mohd Shah

7 Malay, English Malacca
Champion Takaful UM 2013 (GOA), GETB - Superstar (KOREA) 2013, Shopping Galore Qualifier, Top Takaful Unit Manager Ipoh (Champion), Top Takaful Malay Unit, Northern Region, Let's Recruit Qualifier 2014, GETB Superstar (Gold Coast) 2014, Bandung Bonanza, Star Getaway Achievement 2014, Top 5 Unit Manager company wide, Champion UM category Company Wide April 2015, We are Family 2nd Runner up, Supremecy Experience Summit '6' Bali, Promoted to GSM in 2016, SES 7 (Bangkok), SES 8 (Bangkok), Supremacy Excellence New Zealand (2015), Super Elite Beijing (2016), Super Elite SHanghai (2017), Top 10 GSM worldwide (2016/17), To0 Top 3 GSM Southern Region (2016/2017), Bandung Bonanza (2015), Chiang Mai Chiang Rai (2016), Star Award (Megastar 2016/17), We are family 2016/17.

I am passionate in what I do and I believe that God will provide me with prosperity provided that I work hard.

I go out to meet the needs of my clients to ensure that everyone benefits from my expertise.

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