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Norzan Binti Ahmad

Norzan Binti Ahmad

Gender: Female
Years of service: 23 years
Languages spoken: Malay
Town / City: Melaka

I am very focused on my mission in order to achieve my goals.


Million Dollar Agency (2011 – 2015), Chiang Mai Chiang Rai 2015, Supremacy Qualifier, SES Qualifier, Chiang Mai Qualifier 2004, Supremacy Elite China 2005, Supremacy Elite Korea 2006, Supremacy Premier Japan 2007, Supremacy Premier Egypt 2008, Supremacy Premier Mongolia 2009, Supremacy Premier Australia 2010, Supremacy Excellence USA 2011, Supremacy Excellence Prague 2012, Supremacy Excellence Venice 2013, Supremacy Excellence New Zealand 2014, Supremacy Excellence Berlin 2015, Qualifier SES 1 --5, Qualifier Bandung, Quallifier Jogja


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