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Takaful for Enterprise - Group SME Package

Group Takaful Solutions

Group SME Package

Save time and reward your employees with our flexible Group SME Package

We understand that building a productive and healthy workforce is one of your top priorities and your employees are the most valuable asset in the company. Whether you run a business of just a lean team of 10 or 150 strong, our Group SME Package can be specially designed for you to provide comprehensive medical coverage to your employees and their families. Have a peace of mind on growing your business and rest assured that your employees are well taken care of at all times.

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Key benefits


Sum Covered of up to RM500,000

Choose up to 8 plans to cater to your needs and budget with Sum Covered of up to RM500,000.


No underwriting for 11-150 employees

Enrol without any medical underwriting for businesses with 11-150 employees up to RM300,000.


Choose up to 3 packages

Protect your employees with our 3 customisable packages: Group Term Takaful, Group Hospitalisation & Surgical and Comprehensive Package.

Notes and disclaimers

Please do take note of the below to ensure you fully understand what this product does and does not cover. If in doubt, email us at  i-greatcare@greateasterntakaful.com.

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